Astrid Swan sairastui vakavasti – kaikki keikat peruttu

Astrid4-albumin viime vuonna julkaisseella laulaja/lauluntekijä Astrid Swanilla on diagnosoitu vakava sairaus. Tulevien hoitojen vuoksi Swan on myös joutunut perumaan kaikki lähikuukausien keikkansa.

Artisti kirjoittaa blogissaan seuraavasti: ”So here’s the sad news: I have been talking about sudden changes here, and bucket lists… and not entirely out of curiosity, but because I have been diagnosed with a serious illness. Unfortunately, I have cancelled my upcoming live shows. I won’t be able to play live for some months as I will be having treatments. It could be a short while or a longer one. All depends on how my treatment goes. I’m not sure how much I want to share in public, as everything is still so new to me. So I’ll stick to this short announcement for now.

One day soon, I’ll probably share much more. Maybe even more than some would like to know… I’ll be back I’m sure. Back for shows and back in writing, and on air… whatever I can come up with. I know some people will ask what they could do for me as I am sick, I’d say if you don’t know me well, the best thing you could do for me and my family is to go and buy Astrid4. I really mean it. It would help. Every sold record will actually help me directly. I’m not on a big and complicated label, so if you buy my music the money will actually make its way to me. Go to Stupido, Soliti, ÄX, or walk to your nearest shop. And if you know me better, come and hang out! I’m still here you know, and it is very likely I’ll be bored in the coming months.

I’ll be fighting!