Kylie tulee Satakuntaan – Ratkaise mysteeritarina laulajan biisien nimillä!

23.1.2015 15:27

Australialaismegatähti Kylie Minogue, 46, saapuu ensi kesänä Pori Jazzeille.

Kokosimme retrospektiivisen katselu- ja kuuntelukavalkadin naisen uran parhaista hetkistä ja puimme sen (Poriin saapumista lukuun ottamatta) täysin fiktiivisen englanninkielisen, erittäin dramaattisen tarinan muotoon.

Täydennä lauseet kunkin lauseen alapuolella olevan videon/videoiden kappaleen/kappaleiden nimillä ja ratkaise tarina!

Kylie Minogue is coming to Pori, _______ ___ ___.

Well, okay, she has been in Finland before for someone else as well. ”_ ____ _ _ ____”, she pondered many, many times before she found the love of her life.

She was all tangled up in all the heartbreaking memories of her ex-boyfriend. ”__ __ ___ ___ ________”, she kept telling her friends. Yes. In French.

But then she found true love. ”_ _______ __ ___. Feels like my head is _______ _______ all the time”, she said.

But soon, Kylie and the love of her life were in the middle of hard times. Kylie was really busy focusing on her career. ”___ ______ __ __ _____”, she told her man.

It was time for the inevitable. Kylie and the love of her life ended their relationship. ”I just ____ ___ ___ ___ __ __ ____”, said one of the text messages she sent to her ex.

”I was sure we would get married and have ____.”

Kylie was feeling down. She was ready to boldly go _____ ___ ____ _____ ____.

But then one night she went to a party and heard a greek male model say: ”____ _____ _____ ___.”

The male model made his move on Kylie, but her reply was not positive: ”Believe me. We’re not going to _________ tonight.”

Kylie wanted to take things ____.

Only fools rush in, they say. But come July, she’ll be doing ___ ____-______ in Pori. Yes. In Pori.

Kylie Minogue esiintyy Pori Jazzeilla torstaina 16. heinäkuuta.

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