Sonata Arctican dvd-suunnitelmat uusiksi

Kemiläinen Sonata Arctica kuvaa luvatun live-dvd -pakettinsa Oulun Club Teatrialla 15. huhtikuuta. 

Bändin tarkoituksena oli ikuistaa livemateriaali Milanossa, mutta riittävän näyttävän konsertin toteuttaminen Italiassa olisikin muodostunut aiottua huomattavasti kalliimmaksi. Esimerkiksi pyrotekniikasta ja niihin liittyvistä lupa-asioista aiheutuva kulu olisi ollut "kymmenen kertaa luultua suurempi". 

Bändi onkin joutunut unohtamaan Milanon-keikan kuvaamisen ja siirtänyt koko produktion kotikaupunkinsa kulmille.

Sonata Arctican tiedote näyttää seuraavalta:

We’re writing this in order to clear up some confusions about where, when and how we’re going to film our next DVD. When the orginal DVD show in Milano was postponed when Elias broke his hand, we put off the preparations for the time being. Some days ago as we were starting to finish the preparation for the show, we realized that we’ve been mislead about some of the costs for doing the DVD shoot. Mainly we’re talking about the pyrotechnics permits, which would have cost roughly 10 times more than anywhere else. This, along with some other unexpected expenses, came as a total surprise to the band. In order to make things work we had to pull the plug on the shoot in Milano and move it to Finland we’re we can afford to do a proper DVD shoot. Our management jumped the gun here and told our webmaster to change the info on the website, without us knowing about it and without an explanation.

So, that’s the situation we’re in right now. We can not even by a longshot afford to do a proper DVD shoot in Milano and will do it in Oulu instead. By doing so we realize that we’re letting down all our fans who were planning to come to the show. For that we apologize sincerely. We will play the show in Milano, with all the planned extra numbers, as well as a couple of extra tricks to make up for this mishap ….only the cameras won’t be rolling this time. Rather than disappointing all our fans around the world who truly deserve a perfect live DVD we have to let down some of you. We are very sorry that things turned out this way. 

Sonata Arctican viides webisodi Etelä-Amerikan -kiertueen tapahtumista löytyy puolestaan täältä.