Metallijumala ja popkuningatar yhteistyöhön?

30.6.2014 17:34

Judas Priestin Rob ”Metal God” Halford rakastaa Lady Gagaa.

Hevilegenda kertoo kanadalaismedialle: ””I’ve been a huge fan of Gaga since she first burst on the scene. I just love everything that lady represents. First and foremost, her voice is extraordinary. I love her voice. She’s an accomplished musician, she plays piano really well, she’s just a great songwriter.”

Halford haaveileekin artistien yhteistyöstä. Tarina jatkuu: ”She’s busy. I’m busy, but we’ve agreed to get together at some point and just hang out and maybe do something. I don’t know if that will ever happen, but I love her to death.”

Judas Priest oli yllättää faninsa jo edellisen Epitaph-maailmankiertueen aikana, sillä Lady Gaga aikoi tehdä vierailun Priestin keikalle. Eikä ihan minkä tahansa vierailun…

Halford jatkaa: ”Gaga called and said: Can I get on the back of Rob’s bike when he comes out and we’ll do Hell Bent For Leather? I was like, oh my god, diva moment. Please let this happen! But she couldn’t do it. She ended up doing a shoot in Omaha, Nebraska, that took a week.”

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